Passport to the 21st Century
John Seely Brown, Steve Denning, 
Katalina Groh, Larry Prusak: 
Some of the world's leading thinkers
explore the role of storytelling in the world

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Mara Mayor, Director of the Smithsonian Associates
  “There are still people coming in, and hopefully they will be able to find seats without having too much trouble, and not have to crawl over you too much. 
   My name is Mara Mayor, and as Director of the Smithsonian Associates, it’s a real pleasure to welcome you to what we know will be a very special seminar…
When I was introduced to Steve Denning, and his book, The Springboard: How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge-Era Organizations, I was intrigued. And I want to add a note here, a special thanks to Mitzi Wertheim, who opened that door for us, and without whom this program would not have happened. 
   As a manager, and I suspect that many of you are managers, and are managing in a variety of settings, one of the hardest things we do is to effect change in the organizations that we are involved with. And Steve offered a way of thinking about challenge that is clearly both fresh and important. 
    This seminar seemed like a wonderful way of sharing his thinking, and that of other panelists, who are also leaders and pioneers in this quickly evolving area. So with that as prelude, I am going to turn the day, the evening and then tomorrow over to Steve and he will get the seminar on its way.
Books and videos on storytelling 
*** In Good Company : How Social Capital Makes Organizations Work
by Don Cohen, Laurence Prusak (February 2001) Harvard Business School Press
*** The Social Life of Information, by John Seely Brown, Paul Duguid
(February 2000) Harvard Business School Press
*** The Springboard : How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge-Era Organizations
by Stephen Denning (October 2000) Butterworth-Heinemann 
*** The Art of Possibility, a video with Ben and Ros Zander : Groh Publications (February 2001)
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