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The film-maker as storyteller: Katalina Groh
The voice in the head

 Ben Zander: I teach students, I teach a class at the New England Conservatory for young musicians and they come, and they are very excited to be there. And they thrilled to be at the New England Conservatory and all that. 
   But they are not so sure about how they compare to their next-door neighbors. And when they come up to play in front of people, it looks as though there is just one person there. 
   But actually there are two people. There is the person who is playing. And then there is the person who is standing beside the person who is playing, whispering in his or her ear, saying, “You haven’t practised enough!” 
   Or: “Do you know how many people play this piece better than you do?” 

  Or: “That difficult passage! It’s coming up again! You missed it the last time! It’s coming right up! You’re going to miss it again!”
  It’s the voice in the head. You all know the voice in the head. And if you’re saying to yourself, “What does he mean by the voice in the head? I don’t understand what he is talking about!” Well, that’s the voice I mean. 
Books and videos on storytelling 
*** In Good Company : How Social Capital Makes Organizations Work
by Don Cohen, Laurence Prusak (February 2001) Harvard Business School Press
*** The Social Life of Information, by John Seely Brown, Paul Duguid
(February 2000) Harvard Business School Press
*** The Springboard : How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge-Era Organizations
by Stephen Denning (October 2000) Butterworth-Heinemann 
*** The Art of Possibility, a video with Ben and Ros Zander : Groh Publications (February 2001)
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