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Storytelling to ignite change: Steve Denning
The knowing-doing gap 

  Theres a lot of talk these days about closing the knowledge-action gap. People know what to do, but they dont do it! Big problem in large organizations today. Well, Im talking, not so much about closing the knowing-doing gap. Im talking about eliminating the knowing-doing gap. How could this be?
 Now if I say, I want you to launch tomorrow morning a knowledge-sharing program in your unit with the following characteristics, this idea, my idea, is coming at you like a missile. Its my idea, and its entering your territory, and youre starting to think, How can I somehow deal with this incoming missile? 
How can I get out of its path? And here you are. You are right in the middle of the knowing-doing gap.
 But if I say, Let me tell you about something that happened in Pakistan just a few weeks ago, then you start to imagine, Well, if thats how it was in Pakistan, 

maybe we could start to do the same thing in my unit. And so the little voice Is making it your own idea. Its your own baby. And its starting to think your implementation, even while the speaker is still speaking. And so there is no knowledge-action gap. There is nothing to get in the way of your implementing the idea.
Books and videos on storytelling 
*** In Good Company : How Social Capital Makes Organizations Work
by Don Cohen, Laurence Prusak (February 2001) Harvard Business School Press
*** The Social Life of Information, by John Seely Brown, Paul Duguid
(February 2000) Harvard Business School Press
*** The Springboard : How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge-Era Organizations
by Stephen Denning (October 2000) Butterworth-Heinemann 
*** The Art of Possibility, a video with Ben and Ros Zander : Groh Publications (February 2001)

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