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Storytelling: Organizational Perspective: Larry Prusak
Enemies and Enablers of Sharing Knowledge

   Iíve developed a tremendous allergy to any slide presentations, bar none. So I donít use any. I just talk to people. 
   When you get old enough, and have enough money to retire, you can do remarkable things in life. Try it some time. 
   In any event, I donít like any sort of presentations. So I thought I would just talk to you. 
   When I have an hour like this to talk about this subject, which happens to people like me and others like me quite a bit, I ask myself: ďWhat can I say to you in an hour that would be of any value to you?Ē 
   I could show you a million slides. I could tell you how 

great IBM is, or anything like that. But clearly Iím not interested in doing that.
   What Iíve been doing lately, and probably this this would be the most valuable thing to you, given whoís here would be this: Iíve seen about 220 knowledge projects in the last eight or nine years. And so has Tom Davenport and a few people in Boston who are sort of interested in this subject and we periodically meet to discuss the state of the art, the state of the practice, a little like what the previous speaker was talking about. We try to see what seems to work and what doesnít work when you do these projects. Again itís a little bit parallel to what the previous speaker was talking about. And weíve made a couple of lists up. 
    Maybe Iíll talk to you about what the critical failure factors and the critical success factors area in doing these kinds of things at a level that I think would probably be the right one. 
    So, we could talk about the failures. Theyíre pretty easy. Thatís not too hard. Why donít I save those to the end. 
Books and videos on storytelling 
*** In Good Company : How Social Capital Makes Organizations Work
by Don Cohen, Laurence Prusak (February 2001) Harvard Business School Press
*** The Social Life of Information, by John Seely Brown, Paul Duguid
(February 2000) Harvard Business School Press
*** The Springboard : How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge-Era Organizations
by Stephen Denning (October 2000) Butterworth-Heinemann 
*** The Art of Possibility, a video with Ben and Ros Zander : Groh Publications (February 2001)
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